On-Pack Promotional Devices - ElastiTag®

ElastiTag® is a marketing and promotional tool that not only builds and supports brand identity, it enables the customer to have a unique ability to attract a consumer and engage them with your product.

The tag is custom manufactured to suit the brand’s needs and objectives, with a unique elastomer loop that’s designed to fit snugly around the product.

Use the ElastiTag® to:

• Launch a product line
• Tell your unique story
• Enhance brand identity
• Support a worthy cause
• Deliver product samples
• Give instructions/recipes
• Speak in many languages

• Cross-merchandise products
• Kick off a promotion
• Brag about an award
• Advertise a special offer
• Provide a coupon

Benefits of ElastiTag®:

  • Brand enhancement tool.
  • Most attractive neck tag in the world.
  • Attracts an impulsive/immediate response and moves products.
  • Engages the consumer on an emotional level like no other on-pack device.
  • Adds a prestige factor to your product.
  • Optimised product holding and bending characteristics.
  • Uniquely grips products and “stays put”.
  • Offers new possibilities for packaging reduction.

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