Esona’s story
Esona Boutique Wine Estate is the soul of the Robertson Wine Valley: A single certified vineyard located between Robertson and Bonnievale alongside the Breede River. Esona produces various vintage wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Shiraz and a Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir.

The farm has been in operation since 2003 by the owners, husband and wife, Rowan and Caryl Beattie.

According to the French research company (, South Africa has the ninth largest area under vine in the world which is made up of over 559 wine farms, making competition fierce and extremely challenging. Especially when competing for clients to notice you, as well as shelf space within retailers.

Wineries have seconds to draw attention and showcase their unique selling points. Esona’s goal was to deepen their connection with their current clients as well as showcase the farm’s unique heritage and journey within the broader wine community.
At a retail level, capturing your audience’s attention is challenging without human intervention and it can be quite costly and involves numerous logistical factors.

Making a connection
Esona documented the untold story of Esona and their connection to the Robertson Wine Valley by creating a series of videos telling their story. The videos showcase the exciting journey of Esona shows that their mission is far from over. The idea is that people would be able to identify and experience Esona’s spirit while doing their shopping.

A new way to engage with consumers
Esona, together with a Cape Town-based digital advertising agency, incorporated Pyrotec PackMedia’s NFC Labels and in-store and on-site advertising by placing smart labels on their products as well as traditional print collateral.
Pyrotec PackMedia’s NFC labels use near-field communication (NFC) technology to communicate with consumers directly via their smartphones. By tapping a smartphone to the label on their product or marketing material, consumers or restaurant patrons can instantly access rich media content about a brand or product, including videos, coupons, surveys, recipes, user manuals and more. As technology evolves, smart labels have been specifically designed to allow your products to grab consumers' attention, while still providing all the information they need in an aesthetic and compacted way.

Quote from Timothy Beattie about NFC
Pyrotec PackMedia General Manager Timothy Beattie:” In the past, brands relied on the use of in-store activations and large printed point-of-sale (POS) advertising displays to grab consumers’ attention, but the cost and logistic coordination was always a standard industry challenge. However, there was only so much the brand could say through labels and point of sale advertising. Pyrotec PackMedia allows consumers to tap on a smart tag using NFC-enabled smartphones and it instantly connects them to a video introducing Esona’s video campaign, showcasing the spirit of the ever-popular wine valley.”

Pyrotec PackMedia’s NFC Smart Labels allow brand owners to get closer to consumers and provide them with experiences as an alternative to traditional print, with an easy tap of their phone. Through NFC Smart Labels, Esona communicates and engages successfully to pique customers’ interest and make the sale.