Pyrotec PackMedia offers a complete concept to application service.

We serve all sectors of the FMCG market, including the agrochemical and pharmaceutical packaging industries. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are suitable for many user applications, most typically, but by no means restricted to:



Crop protection or agrochemical products such as insecticides and pesticides must be clearly labelled to ensure application and dosage rates are easy to follow, whatever the conditions.

Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels provide a clear and user-friendly way for suppliers of agrochemical products to provide detailed legislative information and instructions about the safe and effective use of a product directly on the container. This means that the product information is conveniently accessible and remains with the product throughout its usable life, as opposed to a separate leaflet that is easily lost or discarded.

Many special characteristics can be incorporated into agrochemical labels, such as:

• Chemical, UV and water resistance
• Security and tamper-evident features
• Unique or random coding and serialisation
• Coping with temperature extremes
• Scratch-off panels
• Braille and tactile warning triangles

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Legislation demands that pharmaceutical and healthcare product labelling continues to contain ever more detailed information. However, there comes a point when this information no longer fits on a standard label in the space provided on the packaging.

In this demanding and heavily-regulated field, booklet labels are a trusted and secure way to meet these legislative demands by greatly increasing available on-product space. Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels allow you to include detailed product information on the container via automatic application, which reduces patient risk because the information is always kept with the medicine by remaining on pack for the lifetime of the product.

Facing strict regulations and informational requirements, booklet labels fulfil a variety of uses for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, such as:

• Product descriptions and user guidelines
• Safety messages and contraindications
• Dosage instructions
• Clinical trials
• Medical device instructions
• Patient information leaflets.


Creating an eye-catching FMCG pack that stands out on crowded retail shelves requires careful attention to detail and often additional space for promotional messages to communicate directly with your consumers.

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are popular in the food and beverage, household goods, hair care, and cosmetics and toiletries markets, and are an effective way to support new marketing initiatives and product promotions. We work with leading brands, design agencies and packaging designers to deliver cost-effective, engaging and imaginative sales promotion solutions.

Imagination and interactivity can be incorporated into your labels to communicate promotions, competitions and extra information using characteristics, such as:

• Unique promotional codes, barcodes or QR coding
• Recipes and other added information
• Cross-promotional catalogues
• Giveaways, such as sachets, magnets, tattoos, stickers and coupons
• Usage instructions
• Competition details and forms.

In addition to Fix-a-Form® International’s promotional and informational booklet labels, Do-It® Hang Tabs & Display Strips, and ElastiTag® offer increased in-store visibility and help manufacturers to lower their packaging costs and build and support brand identity across all FMCG sectors.