Beyond the bowl

On-pack recipes are an excellent way to promote food products. Not only do they give an immediate sales boost by adding value and providing shelf appeal, but a good recipe will also encourage repeat use.

Using a neck-tag promotion provided Hellmann’s with tremendous on-shelf presence without detracting from the brand’s image.

The Hellmann’s Inspired Salad Dressing’s 12-page die-cut Fix-a-Form® booklet label, supplied by Pyrotec PackMedia, has a patterned varnish to create a re-sealable tab. It was produced on a clear base and applied to a two-sided neck tag on Hellman’s salad dressing bottles as part of an integrated ‘Beyond the Bowl’ campaign.

Value-adding content

The objective was to provide value-adding content, themed with other digital and printed campaign elements.

The neck-tag was the ideal solution, allowing for a significant amount of content in a limited space. It included several recipes using Hellmann’s dressings as a core ingredient, as well as suggested perfect food pairings.

Renowned for their ability to incorporate extensive information in the space of a standard label, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are a popular choice for FMCG products because one of their many benefits is that they provide the space for value-adds such as recipes, inserts, coupons and cross promotions.

Promoting products on shelf

Pyrotec PackMedia knows that a product’s success or failure often depends on the way it is presented to the end user. Whether providing vital information about composition, safety or usage instructions, or promoting a product on-shelf, packaging labels extend far beyond being purely functional. Packaging should not be an afterthought but rather something that is subjected to vigorous investigation and embraced as adding value to a product.

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Are the acts, regulations, guidelines and codes required on your packaging proving to be a challenge for your brand? Do you want to comply with labelling legislation without the hassle or adverse effect to your product’s shelf shout?

Designing labelling to accommodate regulated on-pack information requires a balancing act between text legibility and pack size. Specifications relating to certain on-pack information not only applies to where content is placed, but also to the text size of some warnings. This is in addition to detailed ingredients lists and other specified criteria aimed at protecting consumers.

Unlimited space for legal information

One solution is to use Fix-a-Form® booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia to convey this important information. Our booklet label system can be adapted to suit any product or container and solves a multitude of packaging challenges. While occupying only the space of a standard self-adhesive label, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels provide almost unlimited space for legislated information, user instructions and product information. For brand owners, this offers a distinct advantage where space is at a premium.

Big increases, big benefits

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels enable font sizes to be increased and contrasting colours to be used for better legibility – without impacting on legal requirements, the packaging’s visual appeal, design elements, or the product’s branding. They provide an opportunity to optimise compliance while simultaneously increasing a product’s visual appeal. Because Fix-a-Form® booklet labels remain attached to a product throughout the value chain, they may eliminate the need for secondary packaging that would have been needed to convey required product information. This increases cost savings and reduces waste.

Although many brand owners face strict laws pertaining to the marketing of their products, the application of a Fix-a-Form® booklet label ensures that compliance can be used to a brand’s advantage.

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Agile on-pack communication

In an industry that is seasonal or where orders are weather-dependent, such as agrochemicals, brand owners often need to adapt their product labels quickly to take advantage of business opportunities on time.

Agile on-pack communication solutions that can be designed, produced and delivered swiftly, can help companies meet short lead times. However, it’s also critical that these labelling solutions are high quality and that they provide sufficient space for all the information that brand owners need to include on pack, in multiple languages if necessary.

Here’s the solution

A Fix-a-Form® Informational Booklet Label from Pyrotec PackMedia meets these needs and more. This innovative labelling solution takes the form of a booklet that’s combined with an adhesive label, providing pages and pages of space for product owners to include mandatory and instructional product information in various formats – including images and text.

Easy to customise

We can tailor these labels to suit your unique needs, even if you need to include anti-counterfeiting measures such as unique printing techniques or holograms to safeguard your product authenticity and brand reputation.

Easy to apply

For your convenience, we provide Fix-a-Form® Booklet Labels on the roll, making them easy to apply using standard labelling equipment. This means you can integrate these labelling solutions into your existing production lines quickly and with minimal disruption.


Another key feature for products that are used out in the field or in humid environments, is that Fix-a-Form® Informational Booklet Labels can be printed in high gloss or laminated. This helps to protect your important label information from spills and other types of moisture.

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Why on-pack promotions work

An on-pack promotion is a fast, flexible and dynamic solution for driving purchases at retail, and Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® booklet labels provide all the space needed to launch a new product or campaign.

The term on-pack promotion generally grabs the attention of product marketers for good reason – it’s a highly-effective channel for getting products to stand out in noisy retail environments. Used in conjunction with a gift, for example, provides the incentive to purchase, which leads to many related benefits including increased product profitability, customer retention, cost effectiveness and customisation, and a direct link to products at the point of purchase.

On-pack cross promotions are also an efficient and cost-effective way of launching products or informing consumers of new product variants. A Fix-a-Form® booklet label can include detailed information, in multiple languages, such as product benefits, background information, competitions or coupons. They can also be used to create brand associations. By linking two complimentary products, for example salad leaves and tomatoes, on-pack cross promotions have the power to increase sales – they drive consumers to purchase complementary products when they otherwise would just have bought one.

‘Mistakenly, some brand owners believe that on-pack communication devices are costly, disruptive to existing packing lines, and may adversely impact the product’s branding. However, these versatile booklet labels combine a printed booklet or leaflet with a product label to multiply a label’s real estate without impacting the legibility of label text or interfering with brand identity,’ notes Jacques Loubser, Pyrotec PackMedia’s national sales manager. ‘They don’t require long lead times to produce and can be tailored to specifications, such as die cut to seamlessly fit product packaging in most substrates, including glass, cardboard, foil or plastics. They also don’t require changes to packaging lines because they’re supplied on-reel for quick, prime positioning on pack,’ he adds.

Pyrotec PackMedia offers a complete concept to application service, including best application methods and machinery, which is available for rent, and customised competitions with SMS, data management and even prize distribution.

Other great ways to draw consumers’ attention to promotions is by using an eye-catching on-pack brand enhancement tool.

ElastiTag®, a distinctive hang tag also available from Pyrotec PackMedia, is ideal for advertising promotions without decreasing a product’s perceived value. In fact, it does just the opposite by taking on-pack promotion to a new level by emotionally engaging with consumers. ‘In tough economic times, price is important but value for money is fundamental to the consumer’s positive perception of a brand. Value-added on-pack drivers such as competitions or coupons are important, particularly when promoted using a brand enhancement tool such as ElastiTag®,’ Timothy Beattie, Pyrotec PackMedia’s general manager explains.

He adds that ElastiTag® is an active promotional and marketing tool that engages consumers according to their specific needs, it elicits an immediate response through its attention-grabbing design, and ultimately plays a role in sales conversion. These tags are ideal for product launches, product cross promotions, expanding a product’s features and brand identity, announcing awards, telling the brand’s story or providing recipes and tips.

ElastiTag® offers optimised product handling and bending characteristics to increase marketing opportunities. Its elastomer loop is available in a wide variety of colours that can match or contrast the product’s packaging, and it grips the product firmly and stays put, preventing the tag from slipping or tearing off.

Five signs a label is counterfeit

The problem of counterfeit drugs is a global one. US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, for example, says it has found fake medicines in at least 75 countries around the world.

Pyrotec PackMedia can incorporate technologies and security features into labels to deter counterfeiting. Look out for the following red flags to determine whether a label is counterfeit:

Sub-standard labels – Reputable companies typically take care with their labelling and packaging, so if the quality of the printing on the label is second-rate then it might be a fake. Running or faded colours might be another giveaway. Pharmaceutical company Bayer, for example, warns consumers to be wary of products that depict a distorted Bayer logo or have unusual colouring or patterns.  If in doubt, compare labels with products you know.

Bad spelling and grammar – Spelling or grammatical errors are common on the packaging and labels for counterfeit goods. If you spot a howler then the alarm bells should start ringing.

Made-up names – Bayer also points out that some scammers invent names for their products that closely resemble the products consumers know and trust. If in doubt, enter these names into a search engine to find out which drugs are legitimate.

Contact details – Does the label have the right contact information or any contact details at all? Reputable companies must include contact information on labels or packaging. Check using a search engine if in doubt.

Does the label exactly match the product? – If you are suspicious that a product might be counterfeit, check that the model or reference numbers on the label or packaging corresponds with the product.

So how do FMCG manufacturers effectively protect their brands and customers?

Pyrotec PackVerifi offers a cloud-based brand protection track and trace service that helps organisations fight the scourge of product counterfeiting while supporting traceability throughout the supply chain. Importantly, PackVerifi helps brand owners and consumers to target counterfeiting when and where it happens. Consumers simply use a smart phone to scan a QR (quick response) code on a product, or they can send an SMS with the code’s corresponding numbers. PackVerifi software analyses the validity of the code and then immediately sends a response back to the consumer to confirm whether the product is counterfeit. For brand managers, a simple analytics dashboard reveals where and when counterfeiting is occurring.

PackVerifi software is easy to integrate into workflows using a secure login, and a secure printer is authorised to access unique QR codes that are then printed onto security labels or directly onto product packaging.

Key features include highly-secure automatic code generation that uniquely identifies each product; real-time customer messaging that verifies authenticity; real-time analytics that locate and identify counterfeiting activity by using an easily-configured rules engine; and an easy-access business portal for brand managers, supply chain partners and customers.

PackVerifi’s service capabilities include product identification and serialisation; product traceability; supply chain visibility and monitoring; and an opportunity for direct engagement with consumers, supply chain partners, customer clearance agents and investigators to unlock hidden insights relating to brand perception, illicit supply chain activities and supply chain performance.

Offering low total cost of ownership and easy to roll out and integrate, PackVerifi is flexible and inter-operable, and provides the benefits of global connectivity.

Bulky packaging is unnecessary when it comes to hanging your products in a neat and orderly way, especially in a retail environment. The less material you use to hang your packages, the less money you’re going to have to spend on hanging supplies like hang tabs and display strips.

The right hang tab means that you will be able to easily cross-sell your products, increase your brand awareness and increase revenue through an increase in impulse buying, reduced cost for packaging, and reduced shelf-space.

At Pyrotec PackMedia, we offer a wide variety of Do-It® hang tabs and display strips to suit the varying retail displays.

  • Round hole hang tabs are ideal for lightweight items that are hung on one peg.
  • Slot hang tabs are great for single or double wire pegs. They come in delta and euro shaped holes to ensure that your products will centre themselves for easy loading.
  • Hook hang tabs are perfect for products that come in different colours or sizes, because the customer can easily move around the product and see all of the varieties available.
  • FlexiTab hang tabs have a thick hole and thin adhesive area which makes it ideal for curved, uneven, or uniquely shaped packages.
  • Reinforcer hang tabs offer the perfect amount of support for less strong packaging that is vulnerable to tearing or breaking.
  • Display strips are ideal for cross-merchandising products and for displaying items where retail space is limited.

Find the right hang tab for your display by calling us on 021 787 9600 or emailing on Our consultants are ready to find the perfect solution for you.


Modern day packaging plays many roles, from containing and preserving products to informing customers about contents, ingredients, dosage instructions and so forth. It is also a valuable platform for brand communication, where product owners and marketers can display their brand identities, explain product benefits and inspire customers to buy their goods.

To understand how far packaging has come, it’s interesting to look back a few centuries.

A very brief history of packaging[1]

  • Natural materials:
    The earliest examples of packaging were made from natural materials, including reed baskets, wooden boxes and barrels, woven bags and so forth.
  • Paper:
    Records dating back to 1035 note the use of paper to wrap vegetables and spices at a market in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Tin:
    During the 18th century, tin plate was used for packaging snuff, tobacco and other items
  • Canned goods:
    First invented by the French, the tin canning process was patented in Britain during 1810, with the world’s first commercial canning plant opening in London during 1813. This factory initially produced canned goods for the Royal Navy.
  • Cartons and boxes
    Corrugated boxes were first produced in 1817, in England. Prefabricated paperboard was invented in 1890.

With the industrial revolution, came a demand for mass-produced goods and packaging became an everyday item. To stand out on-shelf, product owners began creating their own brand identities, with messaging explaining the nature of their products, and why consumers should buy these items.

Of course, packaging as we know it today is a lot more advanced than it was during the industrial revolution – thanks to developments in digital technology and other innovations that have made packaging more interactive and informative.

This is both good news and bad news for manufacturers, as it means that the competition is fiercer than ever in the retail environment.

Fortunately, there are innovative on-pack communication solutions available today that can help you to:

  • Stand out on shelf
  • Run promotions on pack
  • Include much more information on your label, in multiple languages
  • Comply with industry labelling regulations cost-efficiently
  • Interact, engage and inspire customers at the point of sale

For more ways to make the most of your valuable packaging platform – no matter what industry you’re in, contact Pyrotec PackMedia now.


Buying on Impulse

Simply put, impulse buying is purchasing items on a whim, without planning to do so in advance.

Retailers have done countless hours of research into what makes a consumer impulse buy – it is a huge money maker, after all.

In this post, we will look at the four main reasons why we tend to impulse buy.

  1. We love to shop

There are many people who experience a lot of joy through buying something new. Sometimes purchasing something new can be liberating and can even become addictive. This results in purchasing new items without thinking, whether needed or not.

  1. We have limited time

With our busy schedules, when going to the store and seeing a product that we need or want, we tend not to compare prices between brands or stores and simply purchase the item and move on as quickly as possible.

  1. We hate losing out

Naturally, human beings try and make decisions that will keep them from feeling bad or regretting something in the future. The thought of losing out on a deal or discount can contribute to impulse buying with the realisation that the deal or discount will only last for so long.

  1. We love to “save” money

With the rising prices of basic products, it’s almost impossible for consumers to resist the urge to save money by buying in bulk or buying multiple sale items all at once; even if there isn’t an immediate need for them.

It goes without saying that a product is more likely to be “impulse purchased” if it is seen in-store. We carry a variety of hang tabs, that will get your product up and in the eye-zone of consumers. Contact Pyrotec PackMedia today on 021 787 9600 or to ensure that you take full advantage of impulse buying.