Pharmaceutical and healthcare labelling is a challenging and heavily regulated field that demands mandatory text to be legible.

Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia are a trusted and secure way to meet legislative requirements for detailed product and user information by increasing space on a product. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels allow you to include detailed product information on the container itself. Among its benefits, it can reduce patient risk as information is always kept with the medicine and can help to ensure that vital information remains on pack for the lifetime of the product.

Some of the regulated product descriptions required on pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging include:

  • Safety messages
  • Anti-counterfeit and security features
  • Dosage instructions
  • User guidelines
  • Antimicrobial coatings

A trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industry

Pyrotec PackMedia has a proud reputation for providing a consistently high-quality, secure and reliable service. Our production facility meets the exacting demands of the sector and our highly-skilled and experienced staff can tailor our services and develop effective products that meet the specific needs of each project.

Customers can rest assured that all our products are produced in an environment with strict hygiene and cleanliness controls. Each of our pharmaceutical jobs is uniquely identified to ensure maximum product security and our manufacturing facility gives quality results every time.

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are also ideal for medical devices and patient information leaflets.

Medical devices

Providing product use instructions for medical devices, equipment or non-consumable health products is another common healthcare use of Fix-a-Form® booklet labels. Correctly using a medical device can improve the efficacy of the product, particularly when using clear instructions and diagrams.

Patient information leaflets

Helping you to meet your legislative requirements, we provide cost-effective and versatile solutions for professionally printed patient information leaflets, tailored to help user information stay with the product throughout its life and reduce packaging waste.

More than just a label

In addition to the many benefits of a Fix-a-Form® booklet label, Pyrotec PackMedia can also incorporate various special characteristics into these labels, including:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Security and tamper-evident features
  • Unique or random codes
  • Braille
  • Special adhesives and finishes
  • Coping with temperature extremes
  • Tactile warning triangles
  • Scratch off panels

To adhere to labelling regulations while ensuring the readability of mandatory text, visit Pyrotec PackMedia today.

As a key branding and communication tool, labelling and packaging design is typically the domain of marketers, but it also has an impact on procurement and logistics teams whose aim is to reduce the cost of a product’s packaging without compromising quality or the brand.

While clear, simple label designs may help products to stand out on shelf, they leave limited space for more detailed information. But it’s the detail that consumers are now demanding. The personality, ethics and values of the manufacturer is increasingly important, and this is where the extra space afforded by Fix-a-Form® booklet label is an asset for supporting your brand.

Pyrotec PackMedia offers some inspiration for reducing packaging costs, communicating more effectively with consumers, and building brand loyalty:

How can I add more information to my product?

It may be tempting to increase the size of the packaging, but a Fix-a-Form® booklet label is often a more cost-effective way to make better use of the available labelling space on a product. Especially in the case of medical packaging, it also has the added advantage of often staying with the product throughout its usable life, rather than being discarded shortly after purchase.

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels occupy the same footprint as a conventional label while providing up to 36 pages of extra space. Labels can be tailored to suit the size, shape and construction of the product’s packaging, and come with the option of various innovative features.

How can I reduce packaging costs?

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels often replace a carton and informational leaflet, making them an economical and practical alternative to your current format. Not only can this reduce material packaging costs, savings will extend to warehousing, logistics, freight costs; and inventory, for example, by having multiple languages displayed on the product.

How can I create a promotion without changing the pack’s design?

Multi-page labels are a popular, cost-effective and engaging way to incorporate new marketing promotions and initiatives, such as competitions, coupons and loyalty vouchers, without the expense of redesigned packaging.

Peel and reveal labels are used extensively for on-pack promotions where information such as a variable code or tear off coupon is hidden beneath the main product label.

How can I use product labelling to support my brand?

The more you engage with consumers the more likely they are to remain loyal to your brand. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels communicate more information to consumers, such as clear usage instructions or handy tips, information on other products within the range, support marketing initiative, such as competitions and promotions, or maybe just a simple backstory that communicates the values of your brand. Another powerful way to build your brand and demonstrate that you care is to utilise this extra labelling space to ask for feedback or comments.

This engagement helps to build a connection between the consumer and the brand, increasing the chance of repeat sales next time a purchasing decision is being made.

If you want to know how Pyrotec PackMedia can help you to save money, increase communication with consumers, and promote your brand, visit Pyrotec PackMedia today.

Trends in packaging for 2018

The world of packaging design is continuously evolving as companies refresh their designs to remain ahead of their competitors for promoting their products.

Denny Bros – the inventor of the world’s first multi-page booklet label known as Fix-a- Form® – is world-leading print company that is locally represented in South Africa by Pyrotec PackMedia.

With its unrivalled expertise and capability in this area, Denny Bros believes that these five trends are gathering pace in the packaging arena:

The search for simplicity

In an increasingly busy and cluttered world, design simplicity can cut through the noise. For packaging, less is sometimes more. This year, we see the popularity of minimalist designs continuing as suppliers eliminate unnecessary elements from their packaging. The key to effective minimalist packaging is generating a design that people can relate to and that gets its message across with few or no words.

Bigger and bolder fonts stand out

Related to the quest for simplicity is the shift towards the use of bigger and bolder fonts. Fewer suppliers want small typography on their labels – instead they are opting for fewer words but in a bigger and bolder font. It’s an approach designed to help products stand out from the competition on shelf.

The resurgence of vintage designs

We don’t always have to look for something new when there are archives of historical designs and styles that can be repurposed and repackaged. This explains why vintage and retro packaging designs are thriving. They’ve been appearing on packaging and labels for trendy alcoholic beverages for a couple of years and now also being seen on other products such as soap wrappers and tinned food. As well as looking great, vintage designs suggest a trusted brand – a reliable recipe that has been passed down through the ages.

More use of pastel colours

People are talking about a resurgence of pastel colours and we’re seeing more examples of this in packaging design. Light blues, pinks, peach and lemon colours are cool and serene – and maybe a reaction to some of the more bright and colourful designs that have come our way in recent years. Packaging designs using pastels have a calming effect – they draw us to them while still persuading us to take our time when opening them.

The move away from wasteful packaging

As we become more aware of the impact of waste on the environment we see a definite societal trend away from too much packaging. In the UK, plastics are being replaced by biodegradable materials and around the globe, suppliers are reducing the amount of packaging they use wherever possible.

How Pyrotec PackMedia can help

Looking at some of these trends, Pyrotec PackMedia is well-positioned to help suppliers improve their labelling and packaging designs through the use of the revolutionary Fix-a-Form® booklet labels. For instance, if a supplier wants to simplify a design, Fix-a-Form booklet labels® enable them to hide important information in the booklet, freeing up creative space. Likewise, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels enable companies to use larger typefaces or reduce their packaging by decreasing the amount of space required for product information.

To find out how we can help you to use these design trends to promote your products, visit Pyrotec PackMedia today.

Sampling made simple

Free samples are a tried and tested marketing tool that, with an increase in the number of shoppers looking for bargains in today’s tough economic climate, have never been more relevant.

Sampling is an ideal way of introducing new products or variants to your target market; and can be used as an on-pack promotional device to drive sales of the product that it is attached to. For example, a free gift attached to a product is a great way of enhancing the product’s competitiveness while attracting impulse buyers who may not have considered purchasing that particular product without an accompanying promotion.

Sampling is also useful for creating brand loyalty. Consumers feel rewarded for purchasing your product, as well as creating word-of-mouth awareness by telling friends and family about the free gift they received or recommending a new sample that they tried and enjoyed.

Pyrotec PackMedia offers an array of sample delivery tools that includes the industry-renowned ElastiTote®. This distinctive mechanism, known as the ultimate sample delivery tool, either attaches a sample to an existing product or can be used on its own. One of the ElastiTote’s® major advantages is that it is fully customisable. This means that you can determine the style, shape and design of your sample delivery tool.

Using ElastiTote®, you can maximise the value of your marketing campaign by attaching a sample and an informational leaflet to an existing product at the same time. The hang tag is highly durable and with custom die cuts, designs and prototypes available, the creative possibilities are endless!

Whether introducing a new product flavour or variant, driving the trial of an existing complementary product, promoting sales via giveaways, or running a sample-driven promotion, ElastiTote® is the ideal solution to meet your sample delivery needs.

If you want to know how Pyrotec PackMedia can help you to move your products off retail shelves, visit Pyrotec PackMedia today.

The Effects of Counterfeiting

Backed by an illicit industry considered to be one of the largest in the world and costing the global economy billions of dollars, counterfeit goods are on the rise.

It’s essential for brands to invest in resources to fight counterfeiting because just about any brand you consume can be counterfeited – from baby products, to DVDs, cigarettes, alcohol, handbags, footwear, and food and beverage items to pharmaceutical and healthcare products to name a few.

Besides negatively affecting brand reputation and costing millions in lost revenue, counterfeit goods also increase the costs of doing business, impact jobs, erode consumer confidence, inhibit business growth and result in lost productivity and investments, including foreign direct investment.

Marketers and brand owners spend vast marketing budgets building their brands over many years. And now, companies are also spending immense sums investigating counterfeiters and their spurious products that may be crippling their brands and organisations.

Companies cannot afford dissatisfied customers and the resultant reputational damage to their brands. Therefore, understanding the effect of counterfeiting is essential for brand owners.

So how do FMCG manufacturers effectively protect their brands and customers?

Pyrotec PackMedia offers PackVerifi, a cloud-based brand protection track and trace software-based service that helps organisations fight the scourge of product counterfeiting while supporting traceability throughout the supply chain.

Importantly, PackVerifi helps brand owners and consumers to target counterfeiting when and where it happens. Consumers simply use a smart phone to scan a QR (quick response) code on a product, or they can send an SMS with the code’s corresponding numbers. PackVerifi software analyses the validity of the code and then immediately sends a response back to the consumer to confirm whether or not the product is counterfeit. For brand managers, a simple analytics dashboard reveals where and when counterfeiting is occurring.

PackVerifi software is easy to integrate into workflows using a secure login. A secure, authorised printer then accesses the unique QR codes that are printed onto security labels or directly onto product packaging.

Key features include highly-secure automatic code generation that uniquely identifies each product; real-time customer messaging that verifies authenticity; real-time analytics that locate and identify counterfeiting activity by using an easily-configured rules engine; and an easy-access business portal for brand managers, supply chain partners and customers.

PackVerifi’s service capabilities include product identification and serialisation; product traceability; supply chain visibility and monitoring; and an opportunity for direct engagement with consumers, supply chain partners, customer clearance agents and investigators to unlock hidden insights relating to brand perception, illicit supply chain activities and supply chain performance.

To combat counterfeiting using easy to roll out and integrate software that’s flexible, inter-operable and globally connected, contact Pyrotec PackMedia today.

Consumers are complex. Understanding your target market is one thing, but attracting their attention is quite another – particularly as traditional methods of advertising and marketing alone are no longer driving sales.

Women are smart

Take the female demographic for example. Women are smart! This is not a feminist statement but a straightforward business argument when it comes to marketing products to female consumers at retail. Considering most studies reveal that women make 80 to 85% of purchasing decisions, it’s clear that they can hold the key to a brand’s success.

Female consumers want to know what the product will do for them, whether it will suit their lifestyles, how it will make their lives easier, how it contributes to protecting the planet, and how it can help them to keep their families healthier.

Because purchases are emotionally significant, and communication is important to women throughout the buying decision, products must appeal to their buying needs and habits.

The socially-aware consumer

Another shrewd shopper group are Millennials and Gen Z. These consumers are tech savvy and socially empowered. They are eco-aware and the most likely to lean heavily towards causes they value. They are also known for their ruthlessness with products and brands that they perceive as irrelevant, self-serving, non-tech, shy and unengaging.

Studies show that Millennials are 33% more interested than the Baby Boomer generation in a retailer’s ability to make them smile, and 52% of this generation is more likely than any other to make impulse purchases. They demand more value, more personalisation and more in return for their money and loyalty.

So how can your brand elicit loyalty from these demanding consumers? The answer is to connect with them at point of sale – something that Pyrotec PackMedia helps brands to achieve very effectively.

Connecting with consumers at point of sale

Besides packaging’s functionality, for female shoppers a high design aesthetic, value for money, environmental credentials, information, and family-friendly conveniences will all appeal.

For the younger generations, a company’s ethics, its business conduct, and its supply chain for sourcing raw materials and ingredients will enhance their perceived value of the brand and increase their loyalty.

Traditional on-pack labels are limited by space, affecting their ability to create enhanced visual appeal and effective on-pack communication and promotion.

Increasing brand awareness and visibility

However, Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® booklet labels vastly increase the area used for communication and the space to tell your brand’s story and prompt an emotional response. The increased brand awareness through a product’s enhanced graphics and ability to communicate, educates, informs and appeals to discerning shoppers. They also provide opportunities for value adds, such as recipes, inserts, coupons and cross-promotions, all of which appeal to the buying needs of today’s multi-faceted consumers.

Contact Pyrotec PackMedia today to discover an array of multi-dimensional label options that ensure you’re effectively engaging with target markets at retail.

To cleverly convey a clear message that nine out of ten children in Malaysia do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, Danone Dumex Malaysia launched a new flavour of children’s milk powder, Dumex Dugro with fruit and vegetables.

Detailed nutritional information is provided within the label, which explains that the product contains extracts from 13 different fruits and vegetables. Further information can be obtained by logging on to the website.

Although the double-decker construction provides only three panels of information (which are mostly printed in a large font), the leaflet label makes it obvious to consumers that there is something special about this pack.

This double-decker construction includes parallel lines of permanent glue and a single perforated line was added during the die-cutting operation. The top sheet uses a slightly heavier than normal paper to ease placement and to provide overall label thickness.

This is a good example of how an informational label can educate consumers and also demonstrate a brand’s corporate social responsibility while subtly promoting a product.

To add informational value to your products and attract the attention of consumers at retail, visit today.

Beyond the bowl

On-pack recipes are an excellent way to promote food products. Not only do they give an immediate sales boost by adding value and providing shelf appeal, but a good recipe will also encourage repeat use.

Using a neck-tag promotion provided Hellmann’s with tremendous on-shelf presence without detracting from the brand’s image.

The Hellmann’s Inspired Salad Dressing’s 12-page die-cut Fix-a-Form® booklet label, supplied by Pyrotec PackMedia, has a patterned varnish to create a re-sealable tab. It was produced on a clear base and applied to a two-sided neck tag on Hellman’s salad dressing bottles as part of an integrated ‘Beyond the Bowl’ campaign.

Value-adding content

The objective was to provide value-adding content, themed with other digital and printed campaign elements.

The neck-tag was the ideal solution, allowing for a significant amount of content in a limited space. It included several recipes using Hellmann’s dressings as a core ingredient, as well as suggested perfect food pairings.

Renowned for their ability to incorporate extensive information in the space of a standard label, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are a popular choice for FMCG products because one of their many benefits is that they provide the space for value-adds such as recipes, inserts, coupons and cross promotions.

Promoting products on shelf

Pyrotec PackMedia knows that a product’s success or failure often depends on the way it is presented to the end user. Whether providing vital information about composition, safety or usage instructions, or promoting a product on-shelf, packaging labels extend far beyond being purely functional. Packaging should not be an afterthought but rather something that is subjected to vigorous investigation and embraced as adding value to a product.

To add value to your products and attract the attention of consumers at retail, visit today.

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