Pyrotec PackMedia, May 2019: Cosmetic manufacturer Cosmarida used a six-page Kleer-Format style Fix-a-Form® informational booklet label to carry usage instructions for its well-known brand of tanning lotion. The multi-page label was applied to the rear side of a range of containers, including rigid pump dispensers and flexible tubes, alongside its usual branding. The leaflet contains
Pyrotec PackMedia, April 2019: In 2015, European countries introduced the CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures). With the introduction of this legislation, Arco England trading as True Grace, needed additional labelling for its range of scented candles and room fragrances. True Grace chose a 12-page Fix-a-Form® booklet label, manufactured by Denny
Pyrotec PackMedia, March 2019: Strategically planned on-pack campaigns are powerful for boosting sales and yielding a good return on investment. Specialising in innovative on-pack informational and promotional booklet labels, promotional devices and merchandising solutions, Pyrotec PackMedia offers some tips for planning an on-pack promotional campaign:   Clear campaign objectives On-pack promotions range from encouraging purchase
Pyrotec PackMedia, January 2019: To ‘upsell’ is a sales strategy that sellers use to offer consumers opportunities to purchase related products or services, often for the sole purpose of making a larger sale. You’ll probably recall being asked if you’d like fries when buying a burger in well-known fast food chains? This is upselling.  

Make Multi-language Labelling Simple

Pyrotec PackMedia, November 2018: Besides trade channels enabling South African pharmaceutical companies to simply and speedily distribute products around the globe, South Africa’s 13 official languages pose a challenge for multilingual pharmaceutical labelling needs. When distributing pharmaceuticals to multicultural consumers or other countries, user instructions, hazard warnings and application guidelines need to be printed in
Pyrotec PackMedia, October 2018: Many South African brand owners don’t make optimal use of their packaging and labelling space. This is not only prime real estate where brands can communicate with consumers but also a mandatory platform for the pharmaceutical sector, for example, to clearly display dosage instructions and contra-indications. The purpose of a label

Key pharmaceutical labelling requirements

Pharmaceutical and healthcare labelling is a challenging and heavily regulated field that demands mandatory text to be legible. Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia are a trusted and secure way to meet legislative requirements for detailed product and user information by increasing space on a product. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels allow you to include detailed
As a key branding and communication tool, labelling and packaging design is typically the domain of marketers, but it also has an impact on procurement and logistics teams whose aim is to reduce the cost of a product’s packaging without compromising quality or the brand. While clear, simple label designs may help products to stand