Pyrotec PackMedia, April 2020: For seasonal industries or those that are weather-dependent, such as in the agrochemicals sector, brand owners need to adapt their product labels quickly to take advantage of business opportunities. 

More space, more information

Pyrotec PackMedia, February 2020: Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia are a trusted and secure way to meet legislative requirements for detailed product and user information by increasing space on a product. For the pharmaceutical and agrochemical markets, this is essential.
Pyrotec PackMedia, January 2020: With the introduction of new track & trace labelling requirements,
Pyrotec PackMedia, November 2019: One of the key benefits of digital label printing is that you can change your label design to incorporate marketing strategies without changing the look and feel of your product that consumers have come to love.
Pyrotec PackMedia Newsletter, November 2019: The leading FMCG brands plan their Christmas packaging well ahead of the seasonal rush, and most will have locked in their designs and campaigns in the first quarter of the year.
Pyrotec PackMedia, October 2019: In South Africa, there are many regulations relating to the production, marketing and labelling of food to protect consumers. From allergen declarations and the amount of sugar present in a product to storage instructions, people are fast becoming more conscious of what they consume.
Pyrotec PackMedia, October 2019: To prevent the risk of agrochemicals and stock remedies from poisoning livestock, people, and destroying crops, the Department of Agriculture offers this advice about safety, product separation and quality assurance: