Pyrotec PackMedia, October 2018: Many South African brand owners don’t make optimal use of their packaging and labelling space. This is not only prime real estate where brands can communicate with consumers but also a mandatory platform for the pharmaceutical sector, for example, to clearly display dosage instructions and contra-indications. The purpose of a label

Key pharmaceutical labelling requirements

Pharmaceutical and healthcare labelling is a challenging and heavily regulated field that demands mandatory text to be legible. Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia are a trusted and secure way to meet legislative requirements for detailed product and user information by increasing space on a product. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels allow you to include detailed
As a key branding and communication tool, labelling and packaging design is typically the domain of marketers, but it also has an impact on procurement and logistics teams whose aim is to reduce the cost of a product’s packaging without compromising quality or the brand. While clear, simple label designs may help products to stand

Trends in packaging for 2018

The world of packaging design is continuously evolving as companies refresh their designs to remain ahead of their competitors for promoting their products. Denny Bros – the inventor of the world’s first multi-page booklet label known as Fix-a- Form® – is world-leading print company that is locally represented in South Africa by Pyrotec PackMedia. With

Sampling made simple

Free samples are a tried and tested marketing tool that, with an increase in the number of shoppers looking for bargains in today’s tough economic climate, have never been more relevant. Sampling is an ideal way of introducing new products or variants to your target market; and can be used as an on-pack promotional device

The Effects of Counterfeiting

Backed by an illicit industry considered to be one of the largest in the world and costing the global economy billions of dollars, counterfeit goods are on the rise. It’s essential for brands to invest in resources to fight counterfeiting because just about any brand you consume can be counterfeited – from baby products, to
Consumers are complex. Understanding your target market is one thing, but attracting their attention is quite another – particularly as traditional methods of advertising and marketing alone are no longer driving sales. Women are smart Take the female demographic for example. Women are smart! This is not a feminist statement but a straightforward business argument
To cleverly convey a clear message that nine out of ten children in Malaysia do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, Danone Dumex Malaysia launched a new flavour of children’s milk powder, Dumex Dugro with fruit and vegetables. Detailed nutritional information is provided within the label, which explains that the product contains extracts from 13