As the use of smartphones continues to increase so does the popularity of QR (quick response) codes. Now commonplace, QR codes can be seen on packaging labels, signage, and even television commercials. While barcodes were traditionally a collection of vertical lines, these are now being superseded by 2D matrixes and QR codes that allow data
In the interests of keeping customers and the environment safe – and, of course, to comply with the stringent legislation governing packaging and labelling in this industry – agrochemical companies have to ensure that they communicate a large volume of product information on pack, in the correct way. This typically includes handling, dosage, usage, storage,
Do-It® FlexiTab Hang Tabs are sold exclusively in South Africa by Pyrotec PackMedia. These hang tabs are distinguished by a thicker hang hole area and thinner adhesive area and have been designed to hang onto both single and double-wire peg hooks. Ideal product packages include curved, uneven, or uniquely shaped packages, such as candy, gum,
The build up to the end of the year and the festive season itself is a busy and profitable period for many product owners. This is an ideal time to use special offers and competitions to boost sales and customer engagement. An on-pack promotion is a strategic and impactful way to make your products stand

How to enhance brand loyalty

The pinnacle of successful marketing is to attract loyal customers who consistently purchase products from their favourite brands. For brand owners to achieve this highly-coveted position in today’s competitive retail environment, they need to continuously engage with consumers to identify their needs and expectations, and then meaningfully respond to their emotional values. Innovative use of

Tips for successful cross-selling

Cross-merchandising is a point of purchase marketing strategy that involves merchandising one or more products together that complement each other yet come from different product categories of areas within the store. Typically, these products come from the same brand or corporate group and the aim is to boost product awareness, encourage trial or impulse purchases,

Need a moisture resistant label?

Many of our clients need more from their product labels than standard labelling solutions can offer them. Some clients require labels that can accommodate extra content due to all the mandatory information that must be included on-pack, often in multiple languages, to comply with the laws that govern their industries. Others want to use their

Two birds, one stone

How do brand owners comply with the vast array of acts, regulations, guidelines and codes required on FMCG packaging and still achieve the shelf shout products need to stand out on cluttered retail shelves? The role of packaging and labelling for FMCG products is significant. Packaging needs to protect the product and labelling needs to
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